Friday, September 25, 2009

Bullet Planter...

My husband and I just celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary, and for quite awhile now I've been looking for a bullet planter. I have to say that I'm not sure that I had ever even seen one in real life, until recently.
I was on my way home one afternoon and out of the corner of my eye, in all its glory was the bullet planter of my dreams, right there on some one's front porch.
That evening talking to my husband I explained my disgust, for whom ever let this planter sit untouched, upside down, being used to keep rain out of a bird cage. After my rant I moved on and didn't think that my husband had even really listened to my complaint, until our anniversary rolled around and I received that very planter of my dreams.
My husband the very next morning with a very loose description of my route home, tracked down that planter, and three different times knocked on that door, trying to get his wife the planter of her dreams. Turns out the owner was out of town and he had to wait for the message to be passed along, that someone had shown up on her porch, trying to buy something that clearly was not for sale.
In the end it all worked out, it was a great gift and wonderful anniversary.

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  1. That is awesome! What a sweet husband you have!