Sunday, December 26, 2010


I like to rearrange the furniture. Tossing the tree frees up space, and gets me thinking about moving stuff around.
When we went to replace the laptops that were stolen we decided to go with a refurbished desktop instead. So, that meant finding a desk. I love when we need a piece of furniture, because normally, I just shop in our basement or garage. But, I have been trying to sell more and hold onto less, and that had left us without a desk. When we were passing through Rolla MO, we stopped at the Salvation Army and found a great old tanker desk for $20, fitting it in the car proved to be quite a task. My determined husband made it fit, and we've been happy with purchase ever since. We were using a cool Goodform clerical chair, but it didn't prove to be the long term comfort I was looking for.
Christmas day, at my parents I noticed a new-to-them black leather executive chair and immediately began to question where it came from, and why I hadn't seen it before. I'm not even sure that my mom offered it to me, but we brought it home that day. (the last thing my husband wanted to do that day was move more furniture) but you have to strike while the iron is hot, or before your parents decide they don't want you rolling their new chair out the the front door.
These pictures were taken this afternoon with my new Christmas tripod, still trying to figure out the best way to shoot interior photos.


  1. The pics are looking great Hannah. I'm glad I'm not the only crazy person with more than one orange cone fireplace in their joint. I dig the tanker(ette?) desk. I almost picked one up last weekend for $6.50 (it was half off) at Value Village Kenrick Plaza last weekend.

  2. we had seen one at the vallue village in fenton, but it wasn't in great shape, and it had a laminate top like a lot of them, this top isn't metal, but its a different top, that I don't see often. I won't tell my husband about the one close to us, it might not make him very happy.

  3. The pics look great, Hannah, as does your new furniture arrangement. I'm glad Santa felt you were a good girl this year and brought you the tripod, it's always good to have a new toy. The most beautiful painting looks nice above the piano.