Tuesday, February 15, 2011

West German Pottery

I have started a small collection of West German pottery. I prefer the more subdued colors, rather than the bright ones. I have not invested much time or money into this collection. All of the pieces were under $5 a piece, and were not sought out, but stumbled upon. I love the texture of the lava glaze, which are the two light colored pieces on the left.


  1. Those are beautiful pieces! I'd love to stumble upon some pottery like that.

  2. These look really lovely together. I too am a collector of West German Pottery, but tend to go for the much brighter pieces. This display looks gorgeous! Emma

  3. Seriously, you must be a magnet. I'm convinced. I am constantly attempting to stumble upon pottery like this... which wouldn't really be stumbling since I'm very active in my quest. Every time I enter a thrift store I think it's going to be the day...maybe tomorrow! Great collection.