Saturday, February 4, 2012

Say Hello , Wave Goodbye

This sweet two piece sofa was brought home by my husband one morning as he was walking to work. He saw it sitting on the side of the road and ran home, picked up the car, and brought back this little surprise. He told me that after seeing it sitting there, he really hope there was something wrong with it so that he didn't have to bring it home. After looking it over he knew he would either bring it home now, or when I spotted it later that day, I would try to bring it home myself, and knowing that I would have both boys with me and two car seats, I may have decided to leave the boys on the side of the road to make room for the couch.

I decided to sell it recently, since we had 5 sofas.

I can sometimes be my own worst enemy. I love bring home new vintage pieces, I love looking at them, they make me happy since I spend a lot of time at home, and I love having my space fresh and exciting. At the same time, I also like our space to be neat and tidy. And living with a mate, two kids, two dogs and two cats, I feel quite often the walls are closing in on me. If there was a way I could keep all of my treasures, have space for the boys to play, but not have a big space to clean. That would be my perfect world. But that is not here.

So this sofa was posted on craigslist, and within hours the sofa was bought, along with a full living room set up, including the coffee table in the picture that I didn't want to sell.

I had a home stager, doing a mid century home, that said she hadn't done one before. Done. She didn't have to go far, to get everything she needed.

Now, I don't have a coffee table.


  1. I love your blog. You do such awesome things. I am a street furniture lover as well. I am inspired and wish I was as talented as you are!

  2. Kendall, thanks so much. Its nice to hear that someone else can appreciate furniture that someone else no longer loves. And for talent, i think its more of a love of working with my hands and loving the space we live in, than real talent. But thank you for such a sweet compliment.

  3. That was a great sofa and I love the coffee table. I sympathize with needing to balance bringing in new things and keeping a tidy home. Every time I bring in something new these days something else has to go. Sometimes it is just so hard to part with stuff!