Thursday, November 15, 2012

A few new things that have followed me home...

Brass and marble arc lamp

Jaru California ceramics

Yesterday's loot

Modernist watering can

Kobenstyle and Copco

Vintage Goodwood jars
Here are just a few things that I have brought into our house and most will be listed soon in my Etsy shop.The arc lamp was a craigslist purchase made while in Springfield IL. We had taken a little drive and I decided to check out what might interest me on their list. The lamp popped up, I send a quick email and heard back within minutes. We didn't even have to drive out of the way.
The second photo is of a great ceramic piece that stands over 20'' tall. I have seen lots of cubist type animals done by Jaru, but I can't find another similar sculpture type piece online.
The rest of the pictures are things I picked up yesterday all in fell swoop. I grabbed the watering can first, and thought the modern lines of the piece were unusual. I have found a couple of others online, but not sure about its history. The two new white enamel cookware pieces were what excited me most. The small lidded pan in marked copco and the larger teak handled pan is unmarked from what I can tell. I'm pretty sure it is Kobenstyle and have read that at one point the company didn't mark their pieces.
The set of glass canisters with teak lids are all marked Goodwood. I love this set and am really drawn to the glass and wood combination.
I love the white cookware so much that I think I am planning to sell off all of my flameware Le Creuset and changing up the kitchen some. I have been collecting the flameware pieces for years now, and It's hard to imagine changing mid-stream. But I do think that's one of the reasons I love the hunt.
Does anyone else have a collection they have worked on for years to only decide to move in a different direction?


  1. I understand switching collections in midstream. I started buying Ben Seibel Harvest Time china and got some pretty significant pieces, but several of the less expensive pieces got broken recently, and I just lost interest in starting over. I have a feeling my beautiful samovar will be on eBay soon.

    I love the white cookware, no matter who made it!

  2. You have such a great eye! As far as collections go, I have an unusual salt and pepper shaker collection that I have been putting together since my teens- it is not large, but has a lot of interesting and mostly vintage sets. With our recent move I have pretty much lost interest in having it at all! So much for sentimentalism.

  3. I think the white pan with teakhandle is finnish, Finel/ Arabia and was designed by Seppo Mallat in the 1970s