Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New enamel pot

The first picture is not my pot. The second two are. I have been on a little trip to Oklahoma City, and of course it isn't vacation unless there is some shopping involved.(Of course a trip to OK isn't really a vacation, but its the closest thing to one that I'm going to see for a while.)

I did a little thrifting while away, and found this pot on a shelf at one of the thrift stores in town. I love this pot but at $20 I felt that it was a little steep, so I put it back on the shelf and continued to browse. While I was looking I began to talk myself into the little pot, deciding I couldn't go any where and buy a new piece of cookware for less. So, I hurried back over picked up the pot, and told it that it was going to take the long drive back to St. Louis in my suitcase.
There are no markings I could find on it, but as I began to google, I found the lovely pot in the top picture for sale at Mjolk .
I believe it is priced at $290 and is made by Sarpaneva. I thought the space between the handles was for holding a spoon, looks like mine my be missing a handle, but for that price I think I my either make a handle myself or have one made.
I brought quite a few things home with me, so I hope this week I will be able to post them all.


  1. score! it actually was designed by timo sarpaneva for iittala - a finnish company. i have not seen a black enamel one before, just the black cast iron and red enamel. if it is an original, there should be some markings, if not - who cares, it still looks nice. the handle, i believe, is made that way to also be removable and used to lift off the lid. this is one of my favorite mid century designs. so simple, elegant and functional.

  2. I have done a little looking and found one red vintage one and at this point can't find and name on mine, But I belive that there was a handle that was not included with my purchase, but it's in great condition, so I think a special handle is in order.