Thursday, March 1, 2012

It's not perfect, but neither am I

So I guess this is a little after and before since i uploaded the photos backwards.
Here is a cool Kodawood chair I picked up at an estate sale recently. I saw it in the posted pictures of the sale beforehand, and was super excited. I made it to the sale late on the first day,( People needing their hair done on a Saturday, the nerve) So when we finally made it there, I was sure the chair was gone.
So, there I am, baby strapped to the front of me, made my way very quickly through the house, with husband and 4 yr old to fend for them selves. Probably quite funny, the way they were trying to follow me around, and I was on a mission.
I get to the basement, and score, there it was, I was in luck.
Until I see the sticker price.
Really ? I find better things in the alley.... for free ? $85-
So, I go and find the people running the estate sale and tell them their price is ridiculous. But I want the chair, and if we could come to an agreement, I would treat the chair right. So, after agreeing on a price, and then begging my husband to let me bring home this rundown chair, and promising a finished picture of my newly redone chair to the estate sale folks, it was mine.
All of that means I had to get the chair finished, and quick.
So, this is it, its hard to tell from pictures, but its a nice wide chair, about 3ft wide. I still have some other things I want to do to the base( reapply veneer) but for now its sit-able. And I'm happy with how it turned out, and that's all that matters really.


  1. ugh. how do you haggle with estate sale people. they are so... SCARY!

    good job. it looks great. i've never seen that sort of chair before.


    1. I haggle because I know what i can pay and what I can't, and It never hurts to ask.

  2. Nice work! I love how wide the chair is. It has great presence and style.