Saturday, March 10, 2012

reclaimed wood shelf and a new piece of West German pottery

My husband built this shelf for me after seeing a few similar at a clients house. My client had designed and built a few different styles for their own home. They have them in their windows and a huge one with glass shelves, and I think the design is so simple and so smart. They have one in their kitchen window for display and plants.

We decided to use some reclaimed wood that came out of a old house in Soulard. You can get the threaded rods at the hardware store in different sizes and the you just use coordinating nuts and washers. My husband just drilled larger holes than the rods, placed a nut and washer on first, slid the boards on and then another set of washers and nuts. We then used some glue to keep the nuts from moving and keeping the shelf level.

My husband has since built a larger one to house our books, turntable, speakers and other misc.

This is a new piece of West German pottery I picked up at a thrift store in Iowa on a short trip out of town. It goes well with the other pieces I have in my collection. I've tried to scale down to pieces that coordinate in a neutral color pallet. I did recently have one of my favorite pieces broken by a kitty. I try not to get too attached to things since living with kids and pets it can be hard to keep everything safe while still being able to enjoy it.

But, this piece fits in perfectly and you wouldn't ever know it was new!


  1. I love the shelf and the pottery. I'm preparing to build a similar shelving unit to use in my antique booth. If it turns out half as nice as yours I'll be happy! I've started using quakehold to keep my favorite breakable pieces from getting knocked over. Works great!

    1. Thanks! I'm sure your shelf will be great, its a nice easy project. Thank you for the pointer on quakehold. I've never heard of it, I will for sure check it out. I've lost a lot of pieces due to cats. I just had 4 glass jars knocked down and broken, we have great deep windows to display things, but they are also the favorite place for the cats to keep a watch on the world. I'm sure they get just as frustrated with me placing things there, as I get with them braking things. thanks again!

  2. Hi SHH,
    Stumbled across this post yesterday and am getting the urge to make a similar shelving unit. So, I wondered if the metal rods have continuous threading end to end?

    Thanks for any help.