Secondhand Surplus

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I should have kept on driving...

Out on an adventure this afternoon, with Baby J and two dogs in tow, we stumbled upon this fine piece of furniture made by well known designer Jens Risom. The boy and the dogs would have kept on driving, but not me, I can't leave this beautiful piece of Danish furniture to continue to waste away in a cold dark alley. The dogs weren't too keen on sharing the back of the Rover with this new find, so now two dogs in the front seat, the boy in the back demanding the rock hunting at the park that I had originally promised, and we were off. (I'm sure you are wondering why two dogs couldn't fit in the back seat next to the boy, well, that was occupied by the new bench I also found in the alley, yet to be photographed)
I have tried to do some googling and can't find this exact table, but the label is still intact on the underneath side of the table. This is shown in the last photo, which looks like a completely different table, which gives me hope. I of course thought a lite sanding and some danish oil, and we would be good to go. Not exactly. I have done some light sanding already, and there are some pretty dark water stains, and after a little reading it looks like I will have to bring out the big guns. Another project.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentines Rug

My Valentine gifted me this beautiful cowhide rug. We had both had been wanting a cowhide, and I had been scouring CL, and only came up with cowhides priced more than what we could pay for a new one at Tandy Leather.
So here it is in all its glory, thanks baby!