Secondhand Surplus

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Quick Redo

I fixed up these little stools for a friend's new home. I forgot to take a before picture, but they started as a set of bentwood chairs that my husband had found neglected in an alley somewhere. One of them had a broken back support, and when my friend decided she needed a set of stools by her front door, I had these guys in mind.
They were pretty dirty, so after taking the back off of both chairs and using some steel wool and
wax-n-feed on the legs, I just took a little bit of fabric that I had found at an estate sale(3.5 yards for $2)and stapled it on. An easy and quick redo, will look great on either side of her front door, with baskets underneath for shoes.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Before / After

I found this little pair of stools next to a dumpster, grabbed them up, and then let them sit in my basement for a little while. I had already started webbing the pair of chairs, and was having a hard time finding enough webbing to finish that project, so even though I knew I wanted to re-webb these guys, I let them wait.
Well, I haven't finished my black chairs yet, but was getting the itch to do something with these. Hobby Lobby has cotton, 1 inch belt webbing in all sorts of colors, and spools that come in 25 yards. So, I decided to do black and white and keep the walnut wood tone. I wiped down the stools with walnut color restore-a-finish, and used steel upholstery tacks to tack down the webbing. Pretty easy project, and I love they way they turned out.

Both stools are marked in a couple different spots, but it isn't in English, and google translate was no help, so if anyone has any information on these please share, thanks.