Secondhand Surplus

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


The first photo is of a rug that I fell in love with from ABC Carpet. They take vintage and worn rugs and bleach(with some kind of lemon compound) then over dye their rugs. Most of the one circulating the web are really bright, almost neon. That is a little to bright for me, but when I got on there website, there was one beautiful gray version that was my favorite. At around $1200, I thought about selling plasma, but then I'm sure my husband would appreciate that money going to bills, so I thought I could DIY it.
The second photo is of my rug before I stared bleached the hell out of it. The third photo is of the bleached and starting to fray rug. The fourth photo is of my sad attempt to create a $1200 rug. In good light you can still see some of the pattern, which is what I was going for. In that same good light thought you can tell that my rug is way more purple that gray.
So, cost run down:
I already owned the rug
About $6 in dye, first black that was too purple, then gray that still didn't quite cover the purple
A few trips to a couple different stores for the dye
So all-in-all the rug DIY was a great way to experiment, for my next GRAY rug.

New coffee table...

I haven't been posting due to not liking my camera lately. I was convinced that it was not my photography skills that lacked, but my camera dragging me down.
I have spent some time getting to know my little point and shoot better, for interior photographs. These are still not perfect, but my front room is so dark, overexposing them sure helps.
This is my newest coffee table, and my husband brought it home as a surprise right before Christmas. I cleaned it up with a little soap and water, then a good scrub down with steel wool and beeswax. It's huge, with a beautiful patina, and best of all, it was free. It had been sitting downstairs in the basement of one of his restaurants covered in crap.
It is a great addition to our home, its perfect for train sets, dinners (i know!)and just for putting your feet up.