Friday, April 10, 2009

craigslist find

Hey Heather, look familiar? I found this on craigslist Columbia MO, $35


  1. I commented on this earlier - but it didn't show up....

    So, how about you just pick it up for me and drop it in the mail? Thanks! ;)

  2. Well, I think if my husband were to take the time out of his busy work schedule to pick up this chair while in columbia, you would probably have to come to St. Louis and pry it out of my hands. (what do you think of the shape of it? Not sure how I feel about there not being a seperation between headrest and backrest.)

  3. Yeah, it does look a little off. I was also thinking that I would want to have it re-upholstered with buttons. But for $35, I think I could overlook its flaws!