Tuesday, April 21, 2009

craigslist find

Columbia MO;$60
Scandinavian leather chair and ottoman,vintage
I'm not sure that this style chair and ottoman is really that comfortable, but it's not really about comfort now is it?
*update: I just took a look and the post has already been deleted. Someone else got a steal!


  1. Looks like a vintage Westnofa Lounge & Ottoman. If it's original ... it's a steal!

  2. I wasn't sure who it was made by, but I knew the shape was familar. My husband is in columbia about once a week, so I tend to look at the CL there also.

  3. Hey David, I was wondering if you would want to post a couple of pictures of your new Knoll tables in action on my blog?

  4. Hiya Hannah. I would be honored .... as soon as I figure out how. LOL!