Secondhand Surplus

Friday, May 8, 2009

Thrifting = Crack

I have been on a thrifting hiatus recently, and I think I start to get depressed if I stay away too long.
I think it may be sort of like having a crack addiction. The rush I feel as soon as I walk through the door of a thrift store, is like no other for me. And as many times as I tell myself I don't need it, I find that I just can't stay away.
I found some great vintage fabrics, two cool vintage wire baskets(maybe old locker baskets?) and a set of 8 cocktail plates(walnut or teak?) and the before mentioned elephant.
And I have to say it felt good!


  1. As addictions go, this one is pretty darned benign! It costs very little, you get cool useful things, and it's very green. Works for me! Love that blue wire basket, BTW.

  2. look like freezer baskets to me. Super cute!