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Friday, September 11, 2009

Leather couch inspiration...

After my post yesterday of the couch I would love to own, a girlfriend told me she had just purchased a couch just like I had been day-dreaming of.
I am happy for her, and I hope that she loves her new find.
She now needs some complimentary furniture, and I decided that I would take it upon myself to help, even if she doesn't need my help, it gets me all excited to redecorate.
I haven't seen the couch yet, but I was told it was vintage, cleaned lined black leather, metal legs, and button tufting. I was not able to find the exact couch, but I think between these three pics we capture the essence of what we are working with.
I will hopefully over the next few days be able to pull together what I think will be a perfect compliment to her new couch.
(*In no way did she actually ask for my help, but Like I said I am living through her and her new couch)
** pics via BrickHouse& BackGarage

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