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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New coffee table...

I haven't been posting due to not liking my camera lately. I was convinced that it was not my photography skills that lacked, but my camera dragging me down.
I have spent some time getting to know my little point and shoot better, for interior photographs. These are still not perfect, but my front room is so dark, overexposing them sure helps.
This is my newest coffee table, and my husband brought it home as a surprise right before Christmas. I cleaned it up with a little soap and water, then a good scrub down with steel wool and beeswax. It's huge, with a beautiful patina, and best of all, it was free. It had been sitting downstairs in the basement of one of his restaurants covered in crap.
It is a great addition to our home, its perfect for train sets, dinners (i know!)and just for putting your feet up.

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  1. I've had my eye on a similar coffee table at Restoration Hardware....of course though it's $1200 and I could never justify it.

    I like yours better though, there's is a little over the top with the hardware.