Secondhand Surplus

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

vacation pictures

So really only one picture was taken on vacation and that is of me butchering a crappie. The rest of the photos are of the great finds while on vacation. The first picture is of some sort of 70's woven art thing, that I love, for $1. The white clam shell chair was a find of my husbands that he easily talked them down from $5 to $4. Maybe one of his best finds yet. The last picture is of a Preway fireplace that we found for $65 and then told the man that the only way I could talk my husband into loading up the fireplace is if the price was more around $40. So, $45 later we no longer hand room to bring everything back home.(we left baby J's bike at mom and dad's!) There were lots of other things that made their way home with us, smaller things and for another day.


  1. So, let me get this straight - you have two fireplaces? You are one thrift-lucky lady!

  2. "Sorry kiddo, your BIKE stays with Gramma so Mommy can bring her junk home. You understand, right?"

    Yeah, bet that went over like a Spinach Birthday Cake. Mmmmm...with chocolate drizzle!

    Oh, and you'll have the old man turned into one of use in no time!