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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Thrift Scores

Here are a few things that have been brought home lately. Some are staying and some are already on their way out.
The first photo is of a industrial swivel arm wall mount work light I purchased at an estate sale today. Its beautiful, and if it were easier to mount things to our plaster walls, and get them to stay, I would mount this at our bed side opposite the other one I just sold on ebay. But since hanging anything more that a picture on our walls makes huge holes that no anchor will stay put, this cutie is already listed on ebay awaiting a new home.
The next photo is of a huge beautiful rug I found at a thrift store, a little on the expensive side, so I waited until customer appreciation day, and then the extra 25% off really helped. Its has made the couch extra cosy.
The picture after that is of a partially done hooked rug, that now hangs on my kitchen wall. I first spotted in an estate sale photo, and thought it was an abstract photo. Once I arrived to the sale I found that is was actually a work in progress, started quite a few years ago, and was still on the stretcher/stand used to make rugs. All I wanted was the rug itself, so at $45, I had to pass, since that price was mostly for the stand. Two weeks later, they reopened the sale one last time, and when I dropped by I was able to bring it all home for $10. I took it off the stand, and Baby J helped be drive some upholstery tacks through it and stretch it over a wooden canvas stretcher.
The next photo is from a couple different thrift stores, a couple of nice big teak square plates, Two turned walnut bowls, and a beautiful , HEAVY, pair of brass candle sticks. The antlers I've had for awhile, borrowed from my parents home.
And last, but not least this sweet little dala horse napkin holder, marked, made by Nils Olsson. This little guy is also listed on ebay, waiting to be centerpiece of someones Christmas dinner table.
So just when I start thinking there are no good deals left at the thrift stores or estate sales, all of these beautiful things were found.

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