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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Danish modern lamps

We picked up these Danish lamps yesterday at the salvation army. I thought the pricing was a little high, marked $9.99 a piece, but the current sale was 50% off electronics, so a deal was had at about $5 each. They have modern fittings and cords, and I believe that they are dated '92. They are very similar in design, yet the differences let me know they are handmade. Both lamps are signed, and still have stickers in tact that read, Made in Denmark. I can't find anything on the web about the artist, but I'm sure its because I'm not sure of the signature. If anyone can steer me in the right direction, I would appreciate it.
( I don't want to sound cheap when I say the price was a little high, and if these were at a dealers, they would have been a lot higher. I believe as thrifting is becoming more popular, the thrift stores are hiking up their prices, and most don't know the difference between the lamps I bought and lamps from Target.)

* I am also still trying to work on my photography, if you have any suggestions i would love to hear them, try to think of these pics as product shots. I'm trying to still go for something a little more interesting, not just a bright light and a black velvet backdrop.


  1. I like the trunk as your surface, but I think natural light would help.

  2. I also think the trunk adds nice worn texture to the pics, I'm trying to set up a studio of sorts in the basement where there is very little natural light, and trying to figure out the best lighting options besides natural. If you have any other advice pulling from your own photography skills I would love help.

  3. I love the trunk and the rug also! I have a vintage trunk, black and a little larger, and I think they work so well with mid century furniture. I was just wondering if the lamps are going onto ebay. If your planning on selling, I'm interested....and I'm local!

  4. Sue, I'll let you know if I plan on selling them. I feel i need to find out a little more about them first. If you have any clues, please let me know.
    I love the lamps, my husband would love me to sell them!

  5. I like the black/white design of them, that is the primary color scheme in my house. Too bad they need shades as they can be hard to find. I don't know anything about the lamps or the signature on the bottom, I only know that I like they way they look. If I find something out, I will surely send it your way.

  6. They came with shades, they were a little mis-shapen, could probably be fixed. They are off white, with the same type stripe, but in gray.The shape I was not too fond of, but I held onto the shades in case I decide to sell them.
    I think target has the best shades at the best prices, I always think putting a new shade on an old lamp keeps it from looking dated.(unless its a special shade.)