Secondhand Surplus

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Morrocan rug

The last two pictures here are of a new rug that I got off of c-list. I actually ended up buying two, after I brought home the first one and loved it so much. One is 13'x7.5' and one is 11'x6'. They are antique and made from goat leather and river reed. They both have such great character to them and great texture. They were listed for quite some time and the price slowly continued to drop. Finally at $40 each I couldn't pass them up. The pictures that were on the listing didn't do the rugs justice, and I have to say i hadn't ever seen this type of rug before to compare them to.
Once I brought the rugs home and got them into place, I started noticing them all over. The first three pictures are from Roman and Williams, but I just noticed this rug in an old Domino, and in a Living Etc.
I will try to post a picture of the other rug in our entry way, it has a different design.


  1. Oh, those rugs are spectacular...and so was the price.

  2. What a deal on the rugs. They look great! "Good things come to those who wait". :)

  3. I always look for rugs on craigslist. They are hard to find or the price on vintage ones is crazy! i do feel like I lucked out, you can't even get a rug that size, for that price at target.