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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Saturday morning shopping

I prefer to do my shopping without any kids in tow. That hardly ever happens. I would prefer to do my shopping with only one child at my side. That can't always happen.
Saturday morning I had both kids, one hand in hand, and the other strapped to my chest. This could possibly be the worst way to get any real shopping done. But, if you are a parent you know that its always better to get out of the house, than to spend your day looking at them thinking, what are we going to do now. Sometimes I even stare, and think why ? Why are you moving my furniture around ? Why are you grinding Cheerios into my rug? Why would you pull that lamp down on your head?
So, back to the pictures. We got up early on Saturday morning, with an estate sale advertised as second day, half off. It was close to the house, and I was feeling brave. The sale didn't pan out to have much left, but to keep the 5 year old happy, he is usually allowed to pick out something from a sale, just to keep him interested. So, he decided on two small plastic horse figures and a container full of clothes pins. I try not to question his choices, because when I'm out sale-ing the last thing I want to hear is, "what are you going to do with that?"
Leaving that sale, we had mapped another rummage sale we  were going to hit up, and stumbled upon a church flea market on the way. Flea markets are a way better option for anyone that has kids in tow. I think being outside, rather than inside an estate sale, and the fact they usually have refreshments, which can sometimes help avoid buying some crap you don't need, and will most likely be donating to the goodwill.
This flea market had you typical flea market junk, but one vendor suited my taste perfectly.
He had just closed a shop in Chicago that specialized in Mid Century modern. Perfect.
I would have filled the car , had I not already with our big ass stroller. But probably for the best, I decided to choose one thing that I would have kicked myself for not buying. And here you have it. This beautiful original painting, done in 1960. The colors go perfectly with the rug in our living room, it has been beautifully framed, in a large grass cloth and wooden frame.
I was having a hard time making out the signature until I found what you can see in the third photo, tucked into the back of the frame, printed with : Maria Scotoni Paulstr. Reflects Dune Ville Zurich.
So, a long story for a purchase that I couldn't leave behind. We all left the flea market happy, I with a baby strapped to my chest, carrying a huge painting, 5 year old hand in hand, him in his other a chocolate chip muffin. Saturday morning shopping.


  1. Great colors on that one. It really suits your room nicely.

  2. Wonderful painting! Looks great there. It is definitely a challenge dragging kids to sales. It's paid off for me with my oldest though. He's almost 15 and loves to go to sales and is starting to resell some stuff himself. The middle child (12) complains terribly about coming along and my 5 year old has his moments both ways. I dread sales where they have really cool old toys that are priced like they are a Monet painting or something. Hard to tell a kid not to touch a great old toy. The people running those sales always seem to give you the look of death like the kid is doing something horrible by playing with toys.

    1. I even saw recently a sale that stated children weren't allowed, that was a new one for me, but I guess better stated before hand then showing up with a child and them giving you the death stare!

  3. A lot of estate sales in the Dallas-Fort Worth area advertise no kids. I'd think that would seriously limit the number of sales young parents can attend, because most people don't hire a babysitter so they can go out thrifting. Kinda defeats the purpose, huh?

    1. I do understand it, and my 5yr old knows the drill, do not touch, and I try to have something with us that will keep him occupied, but at the same time people have kids, and even people with kids buy stuff. But I would rather know ahead of time they aren't welcome, than to show up and have people be rude. I've found here that most sales are welcoming.

  4. We also have a Maria Scotoni. My Father in law purchased it when they lived in Zurich in the 1960s, a colorful abstract of ships at the dock. He loved it and now we display it proudly. So neat to see another of her works, it looks great.