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Saturday, January 19, 2013

One of the missing pieces...

Vintage Nessen Lamp Shades

This pair of vintage lamp shades were thrifted a couple of months ago, and I recognized them as what I believe to be Walter Von Nessen shades. They were made to sit on top of a glass diffuser instead of sitting on top of a harp and using a finial. I searched all over the thrift storing thinking I would find the missing lamps, and with no luck I decided to still bring them home. It gives me a reason to thrift in a way. When you have something to look for, its a great excuse to scour the thrifts, instead of admitting that I'm going out to blow money on things I don't really need.
So the search was on.
I found this guy out at a thrift store that I usually don't frequent. It is a Nessen lamp, but is really no help to me. It requires a different style of shade that unfortunately I don't have just laying around. The brass is a little too shiny for my taste, but I thought I could possibly sell this one and switch it out for a style I could use, since then it's been sitting in my basement.
The search continues.
I then stopped at the thrift store closest to me, that I probably spend the most time at and found exactly the Nessen lamp I had been looking for.(kind of)
Here is a Walter Von Nessen swing arm lamp with a glass diffuser missing a beautiful linen shade. It is brass, but has a great patina, not the shiny brass of the floor lamp.

Perfect Fit

View From Above
Now I don't want to sound like a complainer, I think this lamp is gorgeous just the way it is. I am happy to return these two lost souls together and I am a step closer to my goal. But this lamp is now somewhat lonely without being part of a matched pair. The first Nessen lamp I found is brushed nickle (?) and has more of a drum shade, not quite so tapered.
The First Nessen Lamp To Come Live With Me
And to be honest I like the brushed nickle lamp a little bit more that the brass lamps. But I believe that at some point I will run into another swing arm lamp with a glass diffuser in need of a shade, especially since this style of lamp only has the shade sitting on top and not attached. I'm sure it's quite common for these to get separated.
And that my friends is only one reason I drag myself to the thrift store day after day, in hopes of finding the other missing piece.

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  1. I'm always surprised by how frequently I hear stories about finding parts of a lamp at one thrift store and then driving down the street to find the rest at another store a day or two later. I've heard the same types of stories about donors splitting up sets of china and sets of pots and pans in an effort to give equally to all the thrift stores in town. Glad the pieces are starting to come together.