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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Pillow Collection Obsession

I'm not sure how or why it started, but now I can't stop. You'll find me digging through those piles of dingy old pillows at all of the local thrift stores just so that I can add to my collection.
These shaggy pillows are vintage, 100% cotton, made in India and a  woven addiction. The patterns are all different , the sizes vary, and there is even a blanket thrown in for good measure.
They give our house that much needed opium-den vibe, something that every middle class family of 4 should be after.
This last photo shows a couple of new additions to what is now looking like a living room with a girl decorating it. I'm not a big pink girl myself, but when the woven pink and gray pillow was found at a thrift store while digging through the before mentioned pile o' pillows, I couldn't leave it behind.

So, this little pillow moving around the living room, being the only pink in the house. Until one day I walked into a thrift store and the large pink art piece called to me. I spotted it as soon as I walked through the door and its like I couldn't get to the back of the store fast enough to throw it in my cart.
I'm not sure if its made of heavy paper or metal, its framed behind glass in a white wooden frame and then set on top of a beige matte within a ever so classy gold fame. At first the gold frame really bother me, but now I feel if I changed it, the piece would loose some of its 1980s appeal.
And last but not least this huge chunk of rock is Halite, formed from sea salt from what I understand, and came to live with us by way of Craigslists' free section. I think it was the final piece needed to give our living room that sort of bohemian vibe it has going for it at the moment.


  1. We had those cushions growing up, blast from the past! :)

  2. I've awarded you a Liebster, head on over and have a look:-)