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Friday, August 9, 2013

Homecrest Updated

 Last year at a garage sale I picked up a pair of vintage Homecrest patio chairs with ottomans. They didn't come with cushions, like most of the old patio furniture, it sat out in the weather and rotted. We used these pieces as is on our deck with just a couple of new cushions thrown on the seats. I wasn't loving the look, and with the armrests also MIA, these pieces finally got stored in the garage.
I recently decided they needed a face lift, and set to work.
After both pieces were thoroughly cleaned, I sprayed both bases with paint plus primer in a flat black.
 I then took the time to carefully tape off the dry, newly painted bases, so I could begin painting the body of the chair, primer first, then gloss white.

 After the chair had dried, I attached a salvaged pair of wood arms( they came from a alley find that was too far gone, the arms were the only thing that could be saved) I used some wax-N-feed on the wood with some extra fine steel wool, to remove some of the marks from the wood arms. Then just attached the arms with new screws.

 I was also lucky enough to pick up a pair of vintage sheep skins from the Goodwill Outlet, which ran me about $4!
So, that Is my updated Homecrest patio chair. I happy with the end results, the sheep skin makes this little rocking/bouncy chair quite comfy.
I now still have the other half of the pair to work on, I am just waiting to find another great pair of wooden arms, in need of a new body!


  1. That looks really, really cool. I love the two-tone and the married arms. You did a great job.

    1. Thanks Dana! I felt like the colors still kept true to its vintage.

  2. I've been lusting after those chairs ever since I saw them in SFGirlByBay's living room. They look great and the sheepskins are the icing on the pretty vintage wire cake. Cheers - CT

    1. Thanks CT! Victoria's sheep skin was what inspired me to do the same. Its amazing how comfortable the chair is now.