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Monday, March 23, 2009

I also found this...

This little table belonged to the same man that had owned the metal lawn chair. This man was 98 years old and recently passed away. There are a few people helping clean his house out, and said It was such a task that they were slowly putting some things on the curb. I'm not sure that any of the things I now have meant anything to him or not. I do know that I love these things and I would like to think that he loved them too.

After I carried the lawn chair home while pushing a stroller, I began back on my path to the park. Only to find this little table. I knew that baby J would not stand another trip back to the house for a piece of furniture. I decided that I could put the 30lb. fan in the basket of the stroller, but that's all I could haul. At that moment the man helping with the house cleanup stashed the table for me to pick up on my way home.Yeah!

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