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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New To Me

This is a small danish settee that was brought back with us from my in-laws. I found it at a little resale shop that I love to visit while we are also visiting "The Chickens". My husband was not real happy with the idea of bringing it back to the big city with us. I told him that it would be real easy to sell. The total cost of this settee was only $6, and for that reason alone it couldn't just leave it. As this blog continues you will notice that this is the on going theme.
I got the settee home, although the dogs may have been a little put out with the lack of space. The cushion covers were really beat, but the foam still in great shape. I had some linen left from a different project, and only needed to purchase another half yard. I just made slip covers for the cushions so that they would be easy to clean.
The straps underneath were half missing, so I bought about 7 yards of webbing and a little elbow grease, the straps look better than ever. Baby J picked up about 10 small tools that looked like a screwdriver with a fork on the end. When I told him to put them back, and he insisted that we get at least one, I had no idea how helpful this little tool would be. I will never again use a butter knife to try to remove upholstery tacks again!
Now the little settee is in our front room, and at this point its not going anywhere. Soon my husband will no longer believe me when I tell him something will be easy to sell. Because for me nothing is easy to sell. I quickly become attached. I will have to come up with a new excuse to bring home furniture we do not need.
Grand total for this project :
settee- $6
remaining linen-$6
$17 total
The therapy from working with my hands:

( the pillows on the settee I already had, the green wool throw $1 at an estate sale)

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