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Monday, June 8, 2009

Been Busy Finding Things...

I didn't realize that I had taken a week off of posting, but I guess it's because I've been spending time finding some really cool things. All three photos are of furniture that I've found in different alleys.
I know that I don't NEED anything, but it is so hard to pass up really cool things that are just sitting in an alley, waiting either to be rained on, or for bulk trash pick up to take them to their destiny in a landfill somewhere.
The first photo is of a really cool and solid executive desk chair, most likely from the 70's.
There is a small bummer spot on one of the armrest, I think it will take just about 20 min. to fix and just about $2 worth of black vinyl.
The second photo is of a great machine age Goodform clerical chair. This chair also has a little bit of wear on part of the lower cushion, But nothing that I'm going to mess with. I think this chair is just perfect as is, with its huge aluminum base, almost causing it to look a bit off.
The third photo, is of a cool danish/mid century daybed. I also found this in a alley, almost passed it up, due to the condition it was in. This sweet little couch was missing its legs and turned on its side, making it look more like trash than treasure. As I passed a dumpster down I saw it brown vinyl cushion, and just one back cushion, making me realize what I had just passed up.
I had to come back later with a larger car, and as I was loading it by myself into our car, I could hear the neighbors chuckling. I tried to ignore, and remind myself that I was doing nothing wrong.
I got the daybed, seat cushion and one back cushion loaded into the car, and started scanning the rest of the alley for the missing back cushion. I didn't see it, and didn't want to dig through all of the dumpsters. I started my car, and started to pull away, as the neighbors were still staring and giggling, I decided to stop and ask if it was their trash. They very kindly said no, and told me that all the pieces had been scattered around the alley.
Needless to say, I came home with only one back cushion, but as I felt a little humble scamming the alley, the before mentioned chucklers, were very sweet and probably happy that I was helping clean up their alley.
I came home began waxing the very sad dry wood, I found a set of legs that I already had, and believe it or not I had an extra set of back cushions just waiting to be reunited with a lost piece of mid century modern furniture.

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