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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Luxo Lamp

I recently found this Luxo lamp at our Habitat for Humanity Restore. I was in looking for a small vintage medicine cabinet and with no luck, on my way out I spotted this lonely guy. Amongst all of the outdated lighting fixtures, there he sat, his cord had been cut. I then spotted the mounting bracket, and thought if the price was right I would give it a go.
Two bucks is all it took, and a look of sympathy from the cashier.
I brought him home and did a little cleaning, and then he went to the doomed basement. That is where most of my unfinished projects sit collecting dust, making me feel bad every time I go to switch out a load of laundry.
Well, today was his day. I already had a cord and some time on my hands, so I set to work. This project was a little harder than others due to the cord running through the whole length of the lamp in two long sections. It took a little while for me to fish the cord through, but still was maybe just a 20 min. project.
I'm not sure where exactly he will end up, but for now he is enjoying the view, and is no longer stuck in the basement with the rest of the rejects.

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