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Monday, August 31, 2009


Yesterday, we lost the newest member to our family, and my heart feels very heavy with the weight of loss.

He came into our life so unexpectedly, and left way before we were ready. He is irreplaceable, and there will not be another to fill the hole. I am sad that I didn't get the chance to take more pictures of him, and I am also sad that I didn't spend a few extra minutes snuggling with him.

For the last two weeks I did get to wake next to him every morning, and anytime any of us took a moment to sit, he would be right there on our laps.

I am thankful that his last days were spent in the warmth of our home and our hearts.

"Chicken Wing" will sure be missed.

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  1. It was a sad day, but at least Chicken Wing got to experience what being loved and taken care of feels like...all because of you. You gave him the best days of his life, I'm sue of it!! Your a loving,caring,warm spirit and Chicken Wing was one lucky kitty, to be loved by you for a few weeks!!! xoxo