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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

where have I been?

In no particular order, here are some of the reasons it has been a week since my last post. The first photo is of a cool danish style magazine rack I picked up at a thrift store, for about $2.The second photo is of hopefully the last member to be added to the family farm. baby J named him chicken wing, and thinks that my new magazine rack is a perfect place to stuff him. The third photo is a sampling of the crap I've been stuffing in my car and dragging home from random alleys. I took this photo for a before shot, so more about that strange, stinky piece of furniture later. The next photo is of a thrifted rug that I love. I didn't think that I would the the color as much as I now do. It is old and a little tattered, I'm not sure if it is Persian or what, It is 6.5'x9.5', and cost less than $20, So in my book it will work perfectly. (sorry my pics are in the wrong place, switch the last two images) And last but not least, is a picture of my cabinet makeover. We took the doors off, painted the inside white, replaced the cheap piece of particle board, and organized. The new shelving needs to be painted white, but everything looks so pretty that I haven't wanted to remove everything to paint, so I am going to give it until the weekend.
So, there it is in no particular order the things that have been keeping me away.


  1. You got a kitty! Squee!

    Chicken Wing . . . I love it.

  2. we found him up the street, in a tree, very thristy. He came home with us for a drink and little snack of hot dogs, and after the hubby said no way, I told him he would go back home, and the next morning when he was still around, and we were attached, we bought a litter box and a little purple collar with a bell, and baby J started calling him "his" chicken wing.

  3. I love the kitchen cabinets open like that. Makes such a clean statement. All of the different colors and textures make it very interesting and fun to look at and I suppose it also makes you keep things very organized and 'clutter-free'. I should take a lesson from you! They look wonderful!

  4. i LOVE LOVE LOVE the cabinets, now can you come and do mine????