Secondhand Surplus

Thursday, May 27, 2010

I need your opinions...

So here it is, the top picture is from right after I found this pair of chairs in the alley. I decided instead of reupholstering them, I wanted to take a different route, and use exposed webbing. I have never done this before, but I love the look.
The wood on both of these chairs was in decent shape. I had said something to my husband about painting them black, and he felt that that wasn't the way to go. I half-heartedly agreed and began working on the rocker with dark walnut danish oil. Next, I went to the fabric store and chose some bright white webbing, and started on a tight basket weave. After almost finishing the back, I decided the weave was too tight, I wanted to see some light coming through, and that the webbing wasn't substantial enough.
Knowing that I was going to take all the webbing off and start over, I began daydreaming about black chairs and black webbing. I went ahead and painted the other chair that isn't a rocker, a flat black and went to get heavier black webbing.
The fabric store of course only had 7 yards of the webbing I wanted, so I ended up coming home with just 7 yards of nice thick cotton webbing. I got to work, using steel tacks and am really happy with the back of the black chair.
So, my question is this: Do I go ahead and paint the rocker black and use black webbing, so that this pair looks like a pair, or do I leave the rocker walnut color, get the exact same webbing but in white? They also have unbleached webbing, with a more natural color, that I could use on the rocker, but I kind of like the contrast of the bright white against the wood.
Any advice would be great, your opinion may open my eyes to even something I haven't thought of.
(*I picture these chairs sitting next to each other or at least in the same room)
(** I forgot to mention I had my husband cut the backs so the lines were a little cleaner)


  1. I think I like them as set...Especially since one is a rocker...I'd go black for both...

  2. Yep, I'd paint the other one black but what about keep white webbing on that one?...I just found your site a few weeks ago & love to see what you find in the alley...I need to find my own alley of good stuff!!! You've got a gift!

  3. I'm digging the black for sure. I'm trying to picture the rocker with a less-tight weave. i'm almost thinking black webbing against the dark wood. Basically, I'm undecided and no help, but I cannot wait to see what you do!

  4. mike says both black with black webbing, but I love the bright white webbing also, But he thinks that then the rocker would have to be painted white. so, it looks like things are leaning towards black on both.
    Did you get your chairs?

  5. Oh see that's tough for me. The rocker with natural wood and white webbing reminds me of the George Nakashima long chair I want. Check out the weave on the chair.... it's a fun approach.