Secondhand Surplus

Monday, June 28, 2010

Jack Pot!

Driving home from the fabric store one day, I notice what I thought might have been a treasure in an alley, to pull off a discover it was only trash! And as I turned around to get back on the main road I spotted what looked like a bolt sticking out of a dumpster, so of coarse I stopped to take a look. There were TWO bolts of Knoll Textiles, fabric dumped, still in plastic, waiting for me.

I had to back our car up to the dumpster and use the bumper as a boost, to get in the dumpster to pull off bags of garbage, to be able to pull out the heavy bolts of fabric! I shoved them in the car and drove home happy as a lark.

I can't ever find nice gray fabric at our fabric store, I'm always looking. So who can believe that I just found two bolts, 45 yards of beautiful , expensive fabric. The fabric is still sold by Knoll a is $29 a yard, so that means I found over $1300, worth of fabric!

So now I have no excuse to not start or finish a project, I've got enough fabric to upholster anything I may possibly bring home.


  1. So incredibly jealous of that find!! WOW!!

  2. These types of finds make me wonder if the employees were planning on getting it later...My Father finds stuff all the time {extension ladder, huge tool chest with the keys still taped inside, tiles, shelves...}
    I think it is time to start perusing the dumpsters myself...I once found a cat tower still in the box, which my cat is sleeping on right now, but haven't looked in a while.

  3. Jesus...(::shakes head::) What kinda good deeds you been doin' to have this kinda Karma? I might have to buy bits and pieces of that from you in the future...if you can part with any of it!

  4. Wow! I can't believe someone would throw that away. Great find!