Secondhand Surplus

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas comes early...

Over the weekend I was asked about a Christmas list, and I have to say It's usually pretty easy for me to come up with ideas of what someone can buy me on a moments notice. One of the things I've been looking for secondhand and coming up empty handed is a photo light.
I've been kind of working in the basement to have a small space to photograph items for craigslist or ebay, and of coarse the lighting in the basement is awful. So the first thing on my wish list was a tripod, but the second thing was a light. I've tried clamp lights galore and a three bulb overhead, but still I was lacking in the lighting department.
So, when discussing my wish list, my father-in-law jumps up goes outside and comes back in moments later with a cute little metal carrying case with a vintage photo light. I think my mother-in-law was maybe trying to signal him to wait and possibly wrap it and gift it for Christmas, Thankfully he was oblivious to her signals, and he plugged in a burn your retains, metal bar with 4 of the brights lights I've ever seen.
I just started messing around with the light today, and here are a few shots I took in a totally dark room with just the light bar and no flash or tripod.
I am so happy that Christmas came early, I have such a hard time waiting for things.


  1. What a great early Christmas gift! And I LOVE the flower; and it's so low maintenance. :)


  2. Hmmm...I see those at thrift and junque shops all the time (seems like...probably won't see one again for ages). Maybe I should pick up a couple! If one works THIS good...what would two or three at different angles do? I think part of what I'm saying here is that your pics look great! Kim is right, that is a really cool "plant"!

  3. Thanks guys! I'm still messing around with it, but the lights are so bright, tonight my husband was trying to rest before work and every time I would flip the light on it would startle him and he would have to look up. The four bulbs are vintage as well, with the packaging still in the container and it says the last for up to 4 hours! I thought that was kind of funny, I have been turning them off in between shots, cause i'm not sure how much time is left on them! But I have to say the camera may be where all the love should go, I love it! everytime I take a picture I tell my husband how much i love it, and I can't believe I went so long without it.