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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

If anyone ever asks I always say,"Go neutral."

I am a firm believer in keeping your large pieces neutral. Your couches, chairs, window treatments, and rugs, will be staples and everything else can be switched out easily and inexpensively.
Then I brought home a very long purple couch. I thought well, I can make it work, purple can be a neutral(?) Its a solid, I've got that going for me.
I've carved out a space in my home and have embraced the purple couch, and we will see if it withstands the test of time.
So, I thought I was done with the stand-out furniture pieces.Every other large piece in my house is either black, gray, brown, white or cream(a little army green). I try to stick to my own rules. Whenever I get or see a new/old piece of furniture I always immediately try to picture it in a beautiful gray, of any shade, but gray is always the way I picture things, trying to decide if the shape is still something I'm in love with.
They say rules are made to be broken.
The first photo is taken from Style by Emily Henderson, and the neutral backdrop with the floral is still simply beautiful. I'm not sure of where the next photo was pulled from, but the graphic wallpaper in such an acid color is really a statement,(not sure how long I would be able to live with such a statement,but that's why I always say neutral.) The third photo is from Sfgirlbybay,Victoria Smith's new home. Her new dining room is all neutral with a floral pop from the cushions on her pedestal chairs. The forth photo is from Simplygrove, a new floral chair amongst her neutral. Last but not least is the new vintage set that I brought home from a appointment only estate sale.
Sweet little set made by Selig, a mister and misses chair and ottoman. I couldn't resist. I fell in love with the shape and the color and pattern.
I've crowded them into my family room at this point, I may have to separate the pair into different parts of the house, but for now they are living side by side in a sea of neutral.
(*by the way the new purple couch was just used in a photoshoot with my vintage Arco style lamp, hopefully I will have pictures soon to share)

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