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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pins and needles

Just needles really. I had a friend teach me how to knit while i was pregnant, and its been something I've really fallen in love with. I've made lots of scarfs, cowls, fingerless gloves, and some beanies. I love to work with chunky natural yarns, and big projects can quickly add up $$. I recently at an estate sale was lucky enough to find a bag with 3 skeins of undyed natural wool from Mexico for $6. I felt like it was a total score, and couldn't wait to start making a throw I had pined on pintrest. I didn't have needles large enough for my project, so I borrowed a pair to try out for size. While the size of the needle was large enough, they weren't long enough. At this point most would just get online and order the size needed. I like to make everything harder, and decided I could talk my husband into making a pair in the right size and length for the project in mind.

We went to the hardware store and purchased two dowel rods 48" long and matching the same diameter as a size 35 knitting needle, and two rubber plumbing washer type things(sorry I don't remember the exact practical use) but they fit snugly to the ends without have to use any adhesive. Then he send some time with the dremmel tool and me hovering over his shoulder to get the point at the end that i needed. Then comes in sanding with extra fine sand paper, to make sure the yarn didn't snag and would move easily from one needle to the other. That's it. Pretty easy. I have started working on my throw, and I have to say the huge needles are a little hard to work with, but I've found the perfect perch in the house to work with them. I do have to take breaks because its a bit taxing on my shoulders, But I think it will only take a couple of days to get the project finished.


  1. I don't know if I'm more impressed with your knitting or with the giant needles! So cool!

  2. Thank You! I think its the needles! my knitting hasn't reached the impressive point. But its a great way to relax without feeling guilty about not doing anything.

  3. Holy wow girl!! Those are fun!!