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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Spring cleaning

I spent all day cleaning. And I mean really cleaning. The ceiling fans, windows, couch cushions, everything. In my house, with 2 kids, 2 dogs, 2 cats and 2 adults, it doesn't stay clean for long. It does feel good to get it done though. Today I'm going to try to tackle the upstairs, but with the day looking so gray, I do feel like I've run out of steam. It's amazing how the weather effects I moods so greatly.

I did want to snap a few photos while there were no legos laying around, and all the baby stuff had been corralled. My husband was sweet enough to keep the kids busy most of the day, "Since cleaning with children home, is like shoveling snow while its still snowing-"(I think I read that on pintrest) I remember when I lived alone and could clean and it would stay that way for weeks, that's not so anymore. I may get two good days out of this spring cleaning.


  1. I love all your wall art. What is the long piece on the left side of the couch? It looks really cool. Also, your coffee table is absoultely fabulous! And I love the board that is sitting on your shelves. What is it? It looks so eclectic! Great styling!

    1. Thank you so much! The art beside the couch is a piece I got from an estate sale of an artist. Its a piece he did on paper that I believe was a "No Smoking" sign that he photo copied and rearranged the letters to make out other words and non-words. I paid a dollar for it, and have loved the look of it since. It reminds me of the vintage bus scrolls. The wood art on the shelf was done by my 4yr old using acrylic paint and a potato stamp we made, done on a large piece on veneer plywood.