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Monday, July 30, 2012


Most collections are formed over time, and it seems that the hunt is just as important as the collection itself. It usually starts for me with finding an item that immediately speaks to me, with no intent on starting a collection. Then the collection starts by running into the same item again, and it may be in better shape than the first, or a color that you enjoy more, or maybe even a price so low you can't leave it behind. And this is how it starts. Then, once you have two, you are all of a sudden on the look out for additions to your collection.
There have also been many collections I have sold off, no longer having room or longer enjoying that collection, only to move on to a new collection.
The first photo is of some of my collection of jars with cork lids. I have more than I have space to display, but with having cats in our household they have to be put somewhere the cats don't enjoy laying. This collection really has no value to anyone but me, but like I stated before, it just kind of happened. We use them as nature jars, and our oldest loves to pick up feathers, acorns and rocks when we are out on walks. So, this collection also has a function.
The next photo is of my rice threshing baskets. This collection started when I found 3 small basket for 25 cents a piece, and brought them home not knowing exactly what they were, but thinking I could possibly have a use for them. The collection started to grow as each additional one was larger than the last, and with the prices never exceeding a couple of bucks, the collection started to grow. The largest one I currently have is 3 feet in diameter.
The last collection is one that was purchased recently, and the collection was already formed. The photographs were all taken between 1970-1980, are labeled on the back of where the photograph was taken, and I was first drawn to them for there modern frames. At 50 cents a piece, this was another collection that I couldn't leave behind. When I got them out of the thrift store and home, I realized I also love the colors and subject matter of the photos and instead of just using the frames, the collection is now on display currently on our wall.
I have many other collections around the house, some may stand the test of time, and some may leave me to become part of someone else's collection.
a little rearranging and two chairs waiting for new bases

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  1. Great collections. I especially love the nature jars that your children can use. What a wonderful idea!