Secondhand Surplus

Monday, July 16, 2012

A few things from the weekend

I did a little shopping this weekend, and here are the things that came home with me. I hit up one estate sale early to make sure the purple Herman Miller chairs came home with me, and the rest came from some thrift stores we hit up as a family.
I love the white ceramic bud vase, It isn't marked, so I know nothing about it. If anyone else has a clue I would love some info. I also brought home a set of glass and cork jars, a burl wood candle holder and the gray planter.
The photos lined up next to each other came from a thrift that was closing up shop, and I loved the way they were framed and at $.50 each, I couldn't pass up the chance to own someone elses vacation memories from the 70s-80s.
So, there you are some treasures from the weekend.


  1. I've never seen purple Herman Miller chairs. They're really cool!

  2. Purple Herman Miller chairs! I'd take a pair of those myself. Not that I'd have room. But I'd buy a room to put them in!

  3. Love the photographs! Very cool even if they are from someone else's vacation!