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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ben Siebel

The first image is from 1st dibs, and is a pair of Ben Seibel Handles, bookends. They are priced at $350. The next 3 images are of a pair of the exact same bookends, that I own.
I found them at a resale shop a while back, loved them and I thought they were priced at $3.45. When I got to the cash register they were kind of rude and told me they were priced individually. I didn't understand why bookends were priced to where you could buy only one if wanted to.
So with the rude factor I said never mind, you can keep them. I walked away at $6.90.
I got home and couldn't stop thinking about how I NEEDED these. I started a search online to reveal what I had walked away from. I then sat at home kicking myself.
I waited until I thought the shift had changed at the resale shop so as to not run into the same woman that I told could go ahead and keep them, and I headed back hoping that hoping that they were still there waiting for me.
They were!

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