Secondhand Surplus

Thursday, April 16, 2009

craigslist find

Knoll toothpick cactus side table.$55
I have always loved this table, and never knew the name of it or who made it. After seeing this I did some research, and found that these tables come in a few sizes, were first manufactured in 1994, and the prices start at $850.
Needless to say, I'm sure this probably has already been snatched up, and after my big CL find yesterday, I have been cut off for awhile.I did email just to see if it was available, in case someone wanted to buy me a b-day gift;)
*update: this table sold very quickly, which in some ways is good for me. I was not forced to by something that I really didn't need, due to the great price. I did receive a email back stating that the table had sold, but he would be posting a Knoll paperclip table if I was interested. I looked on CL for a listing and picture , to only find a quick listing and no pic for a table priced @ $750. So I am guessing that this man did his research after all of the frantic emails about the first table. I am also guessing with such a price increase that he is sick over selling the first table for $55.


  1. he was sick about it. he actually had 3 identical tables and sold them all for $75 each. was a good cragslist day, indeed!

  2. Hey David, did you get one?
    IF so I'll give you $85 LOL

  3. I got all three! I'll have to think about that offer. ;)

    BTW - Love the blog. Will check in regularly from now on.

  4. Hey David, I'm glad you like the blog, its been fun having an outlet for my design obsessions. I hope you're going to use at least one of those tables in your house if not all.

  5. already have one in my living room and another in my office space. the 3rd will find a new home.

    i need a blog ..... if only i weren't such a blog newb. and i would probably forget about it after a month.

    keep up the good work.

  6. hey david, so glad to hear that your putting those tables to good use.
    You should do a blog, I love it. I am no good with computers at all, and blogger/blogspot makes it so easy.
    I know of a very loving home for that 3rd table, if you would like I will blog about the empty spot in my heart where that table belongs ;)