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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Daddy's Chair

Here is another corner of our home that changes quite often. In a previous post about my kitchen table and chairs I mentioned that I originally went to pick up a chair for my husband's birthday. Well, here it is. It is black leather instead of Naugahyde which is pretty cool, it tilts and swivels and the leather has aged so it is nice and soft.
I picked it up for $35 off of CL. I think this corner is a good place for it. I didn't realize how much space a chair and ottoman actually takes up. Design wise it seems that you need a lot of space for such setup. The ottoman and coffee table are always battling for space.
The art on the right side of the wall was done by Baby J. I found a cool MCM frame at a resale shop for about $3.50. The original lithograph in the frame was cool just not with my color scheme so instead of just letting Baby J paint right over it, I wrapped the original print with canvas primed it with a tinted primer, and then let him go at it. And when I later find that the original art is worth thousands I can just remove the new to reveal the old! :)

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