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Monday, March 15, 2010

Labor Of Love

Driving through an alley this weekend, I saw this buffet, dumped, and water logged. I first got out took a look and seeing in what disrepair it was I took the knobs, since that was what I liked most about it, and went on my way.
I got home proud of my vintage white enamel knobs, and trying to decide where they would go, and this buffet started to haunt me. Its beautiful woven grass inserts, distinct legs, and the fact that I left it alone in the alley, on a cold wet day, NAKED.
So, as the story always goes, I called my partner in crime and after a cheese burger, there I was in the back of the Rover, trying to hold the back door closed and keep the buffet from falling out the back end(we were to lazy to move the car seat, so the buffet would fit all the way in) and we were on our way home, through the alleys.
I spent some time with Feed-N-Wax and steel wool, the drawer fronts cleaned up pretty well, but the top was rough. I scraped, then used a little stripper on the though spots, and then sanded with fine sand paper, to finish with two coats of danish oil.
It looks great, now I need to do the rest.

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