Secondhand Surplus

Sunday, April 15, 2012

A couple of things I've been working on

I recently found this vintage wooden telescope tripod at a local thrift store, and immediately knew it would be a great lamp base, not a new idea, but I have always loved the look. It was easy to wire using a vintage cloth cord( that was is perfect condition) and then the lamp shade came from a different thrifted lamp. The shade has a great texture to it when its on, and I was happy with the aged color of the shade. I originally had pictured a drum shade, something on the modern side, but when I found this one I thought the shape would mimic the shape of the tripod.

The project just cost a total of about $25, which includes the tripod, the cord, the socket was pulled off a old lamp, and the cost of the vintage shade including the lamp it was attached to.

I also made a couple of new pillows for our sofa. I was wanting to switch out the old velvet ones since it seemed they were more suited for fall/winter pillows.

One thing I always grab at estate sales, that usually cost nothing, is old painters drop cloths. There is so many uses for them, and new they will run you about $25. So I decided to cut a couple of selective squares out of one to be my spring summer pillows. I love the way they turned out! I just used two old down feather pillow forms, I then chose a vintage gray fabric from my stash, and I thought If I did a contrast welting on the pillows it would help keep the pillows from looking like they had accidentally had something spilled on them, and needed a wash. So, the gray fabric was used for the welting and the back of the pillow, and with the amount of drop cloths I have I was able to pick out one that had some paint colors on it that complimented the colors going on in my living room.
Both projects were simple and quickly completed, yet still give me a great sense of accomplishment.


  1. I love both of your projects. I would have never thought of the dropcloth pillows, but they look fantastic.

  2. Me either Dana. They look like something you'd pick up at an expensive home goods store. Great DIY work Hannah!