Secondhand Surplus

Sunday, April 22, 2012

A DIY for anyone that has some time on their hands, and doesn't like the look of electrical cords

 I started with a lamp I found at a estate sale that was handmade by someone at some point. It was made into a floor lamp, but I felt that you weren't able to enjoy the best part of the lamp with it sitting on the floor. So I took it apart, used a hack saw to cut down the threaded pipe in the center, and then just rewired it to be a table lamp.
 I then, not being able to find the color of cloth cord I wanted to use, set out to make my own.
I started with cotton yarn and then spent a couple of hours wrapping the cord from end to end. Making sure I was keeping it tight the whole way down. If I needed to stop at any point I used a bull clip to hold my yarn in place. One I finished wrapping the whole cord I tied the ends in a knot, and put a small dab of glue to keep the knot from coming undone. Then the next step is to take crochet thread and wrap from the other end. I chose a different color so that there would be more visual interest. I didn't wrap this part as closely together and I tried to keep it from looking perfect, but still keeping it wrapped tight. Once you finished wrapping the second material, set the knot with another dab of glue. And your done. I used materials that i already had on hand, so this was a cost free makeover for me, but can be done for about $10.


  1. I love this! Great work. I've been considering this for a while but wasn't sure if it was safe, I'm sure it is, right? I was going to wrap mine friendship bracelet style, or more like.. hair wraps from the 90's lol.. But this way may be a lot faster!

    Thanks :D