Secondhand Surplus

Friday, April 6, 2012

Our entryway with a new rug

We recently came across another vintage wooden scaffolding in an alley, and brought it home. Its quite a bit longer than the other one, so I decided to find a place for it I would redo our entryway. We started by just using a set of 16'' hairpin legs that we already had, and simply attaching them to the underside of the scaffolding. I then just used Wax n' Feed to wipe down the dry wood. I may have used walnut Danish Oil on the other one, since it has a little more warmth to the wood. I will probably do that to the new bench. I then put them butting up to each other
on two different walls, and placed two rolling metal bins underneath each one, for shoes. We are a family of can't seem to put our shoes back in the closet, where they belong, causing us to need lots of storage at the front door. We have the metal lockers for coat storage, there is a large basket next to the lockers for hats to be thrown. We also have a set of hooks for purses, bags and dog leashes. Hopefully this will address most of the mess at our front door.

I hung a vintage set of curtains, trying to disguise the fact our neighbor has had a bright blue tarp on his roof for at least a year. I'm hoping the curtains are temporary, but I could no longer stand that being the first thing you saw entering OUR house.I also made another carboy lamp with cloth covered cord, that is sitting on our new bench, The hanging fixture is one that I change out often, for the lamp du jour, and currently I'm using a great wabi sabi type shade. I tried to buy it at an estate sale, and they just gave it to me, not understanding why anyone would buy a beat up shade. I love the texture of the old shade, and underneath the fabric is fiberglass, making it nice and heavy. In the top picture you can also see our "greetings" sign found via alley way.

And least but not least is the new rug brought home today from an estate sale. I have spotted little glimpses of the rug in the preview pictures, and decided to make it to the sale just to check it out. I'm glad I did. Even after seeing the rug in real life I took the tag but told them not to roll it up yet because I wasn't quite sold. Sometimes its hard to tell how something will look in completely different surroundings. When I flipped the rug over, the tag said 100% virgin wool , made in Denmark, and the style was called Moroccan. The $40 price tag sealed the deal. I will take it to have it professionally cleaned, I threw it down just to vacuum it, and like the way it looked in the entryway. I feel like at the moment there is a lot going on in this room, but with the color pallet being so soft, it works for now.


  1. Lovin' the rug! It was a hard decision between that one and the kilim at the Clayton sale, but I decided to go after the kilim. If the "for now" means it's only a temporary solution, I'd definitely be interested in it when you find a more permanent solution. It looks gorgeous.

  2. Hey Thanks! the rug is staying. I like to play a game with my husband of can you guess what is new ? and if its something that he doesn't care for he usually doesn't comment, and after he got home he said our entry looked great, and where did you get the rug? I like to pretend that we've had it forever by saying, "that old thing?" he laughs, and then tries to understand why I needed whatever it was. Yesterday, he said I love it, it looks really good, I like it better than most of the rugs we have- Ha !(except the hides) so its a stay, he doesn't get much say when it comes to decorating, but if its something he loves, I try to keep it around.
    Did you get the kilim ? can't wait to see !

  3. Nope, no kilim here :( Prices were way too high at the sale, which I probably should have guessed given the location. Looks like the rug search continues.

  4. Looks great!! You find the BEST stuff in the alley!! :) Love the new rug.