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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Almost finished...

The sofa is almost finished, its hard to find time to work on it, with a three year old running around the house and wanting to help, or claiming that the tools that I'm using are actually his tools. The sofa is so large, and by far the biggest upholstery project I've done, and I have had to work on it in place. I have yet to do the back panel of the sofa, but that should be straight forward.
As you can see in the last picture, the previous owners used a 2x4 to support the right leg. That issue will also need to be addressed, but since it is solid I haven't been in as big of a rush to deal with that issue.
We have also had some other things going on around the house. We decided it was time to take the master bedroom back over, and my husband built a loft bed for Baby J in his new room. When I feel these projects have been completed, I will also post photos of our once again master bedroom, and Baby J's bed up in the air.


  1. That sofa is lookin' GOOD! I'm feeling the urge to kick myself for not snatching that off the list. Hope the old man is enjoying his naps on it (and the recent Ebay spoils!). It looks great. Especially with that cleverly displayed Paint By Numbers "Last Supper" next to it there on The Floor! You Heathen! Hey, know what would look great sittin' on the other side of the sofa? How about a great big Three Wise Men sculpture? I think I just might know where you could get one....

  2. Thanks for the couch compliments, I'm pretty happy with it, I have to say though i'm always the first one to be critical of my work, and it seems that no matter how hard I try I always feel that it isn't perfect. I really need to take an upholstery class, I might learn a few tricks that would make projects easier.