Secondhand Surplus

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

salad servers and wooden scoop

The wooden scoop came from an estate sale last week and the salad servers I thrifted today. Marked made in Denmark, 50 cents.


  1. Thrifting on a weekday? No fair. Ain't you got somebodys hair to cut or something? You know, if Mr. Modtomic could get his lazy *ss out of bed before the crack of 11 he could thrift on schooldays too! Hmmmm, one fatal flaw in this plan.

    Very nice snatches! What ya think the scoop is for? Feedin' the chickens?! Them eggs ain't gonna make themselves.

  2. Thrifting is almost always done on weekdays, alot of time I have to do it between clients, but I can always find time.I will use the scoop for either rice or popcorn, since we by both in bulk. I have to say we went to 5 thirift stores yesterday on a mission and it was slim pickins'.

  3. Re: Slim pickins. Sometimes it just be's that way. A couple of weeks ago I found myself at work with nothing, NOTHING! do. I took the day off (no pay) and hit the thrift stores. That was the day I stopped by Cool Stuff Really Cheep (sic) and took some pics. I had the same type of day until I hit the South County Goodwill just off Lindbergh. I cleaned up in there! I never think I'm gonna find anything there cuz it's out there in South County and I just don't picture the locals buying ANYTHING old! Eh, whatev', more for me.

    Re: bulk popcorn. Huh? Unpopped perhaps? Popcorn's gotta be fresh! There are rules. There are lines not to be crossed.

  4. unpopped,I got a great vintage popper at an estate sale awhile back, NIB, for .50 cents and we love and use it all the time.